Next Move




What's Your Next Move?

Welcome to Next Move Services


Next Move is a professional services firm focused on the technology and services industries.  We are committed to assisting organizations develop strategic vision and tactical operating plans designed to maximize shareholder, employee and customer value. 





As advisors to Executive Leadership teams, Boards of Directors and PE firms considering investments in technology or service businesses, Next Move provides a wealth of experience and support in identifying and refining target markets, evaluating business opportunities, creating a go-to-market vision and developing strategic plans designed to achieve the stated goals of the organization. 





Operating Model

Once a strategic vision and market strategy have been established, Next Move assists clients in developing and implementing tactical plans designed to maximize performance. 

Focusing efforts on establishing a solid platform for delivery of services and building scalable/repeatable processes, we assist clients in creating an operating plan and building a support infrastructure that enables them to eclipse the competition.