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Operating Efficiency & Results




Planning & Execution


Whether domestic or global in nature, best of breed service organizations require a comprehensive operating plan and consistent day to day execution in order to meet the needs of customers and achieve the goals of the organization.

Next Move provides operational expertise that enables clients to identify performance improvement opportunities and chart a course for the future.  We assist clients in completing a detailed operational assessment and assist in benchmarking the organization's performance against world class operations (desired state).  Based on this assessment and benchmarking exercise, we assist in the development of a blueprint for the creation of a company's service delivery model and associated technology, processes and operating infrastructure.

Next Move provides support to clients in developing their operating model blueprint in a number of areas including, but not limited to:

Assessment & Benchmarking

  • Operational capabilities assessment and benchmarking
  • Process, workflow, technology and infrastructure assessments
  • Service offering/program assessment and benchmarking
  • Social Networking (SN) capabilities assessment and benchmarking
  • KPI and C-sat assessment and benchmarking


  • Service delivery process design
  • Staff recruiting, hiring and training process design
  • KPI, C-sat and quality measurement and analytics process design
  • Forecasting, scheduling and WFM process design
  • Industry standards compliance and certification project management

Service Delivery Readiness

  • Service offering definition (scope, terms & conditions)
  • Service offering/program development
  • Service delivery capabilities and infrastructure development
  • Social Networking (SN) customer outreach capabilities development
  • Service center geography analysis and site selection
  • Economic incentive program development
  • Service center build-out and reengineering of existing footprints


  • Technology platform and tools selection
  • Workflow and process automation
  • eLearning and LMS system selection and development
  • Forecasting, scheduling and WFM system selection
  • Technology solutions (technology as a service) capability development


  • Outsourcing versus in-sourcing strategy definition
  • Outsourcing RFI/RFP development and project management
  • Vendor assessment and selection
  • Outsourcing project/implementation management
  • On-going vendor management and benchmarking